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Indonesian Muslim affection

إِنَّمَا تُنْصَرُوْنَ وَ تُرْزَقُوْنَ بِضُعَفَائِكُمْ. رواه أبو داود Hanyalah kamu sekalian mendapatkan kemenangan dan kecukupan berkat orang-orang lemah di antara kalian
Indonesia is a countrythat isfull of love.The mottoUnity in Diversitycompletelyimbuedbyits assistance,mutual help,mutuallove, sharingis afeature ofIndonesiancitizens.

Syaikh AhmadAsroriAlIshaqi(deceased)caregiversboarding schoolAl-fithrah-Surabayaone daydeliverlecturesonaffectionof fellowhumanbeings.NotonlyfellowMuslims,butalsoaffection tonon-Muslims.Syaikhteaches ustoask forthe blessingto God throughthe poorpeoplewe meet.The trick is topray forthese peopletogetthe goodnessofGod.Furthermore,ifmetbya poormerchant,wecanbuyhis wareseven thoughwedo notneed it.

Praying for othersunbeknownbyhimisanincredible job.Because,there is nointerestin it.This is calledsincere.Wedo notknow him,do nothave family ties,andevenmet himthe first time,but stillpay attention tohim.

That'sthe beauty of IslaminIndonesia.All ci…

Family Gathering of Indonesian Muslim

Did you knowthat Indonesiahas manycultures? Variety ofIndonesianculturesareinfluencedbyseveralfactors. Among them, is thegeographic factors, economicfactors, educationalfactors, andreligiousfactors.

Religious factorshavea veryimportantinfluencein the formation ofcultureinIndonesia. Based onhistory, there aresomereligionsthathave experiencedthe glory. IncludingIslam.

The spread ofreligioninIndonesia is carried outby means ofdiplomacy. Very little isdonewithviolenceorwar.

Islam enteredIndonesiabroughtby tradersfromGujarat. Islamic economic systemwhich isimplementedbytradersthathas enthralledthe heartsof the Indonesian people, so they areeasilyencouraged toconvert to Islamwithoutwar.

Nowadays,the culturaldiversity ofMuslims in Indonesiais growing.It happenedbecausemanycultureshave beenIslamised.

Familygatheringis oneexample ofa culture thatwas adoptedbyIndonesian Muslims. InSalatiga, thefamilygatheringfilledwithtahlil. Tahlilisa ritualto pray forthe deceased person. This isusually donebyfo…

Mbah Min, Penjual Kembang di Alun-alun Salatiga


Nationalism of Indonesian Muslims

A fewweeksago, the people of Indonesiashocked by theact ofsomepeoplewhoclaim to bemembers ofISIS. Theygavea callto the people ofIndonesiatojoinISISvia video. Butdo not worry! IndonesianMuslim nationalismis very strong.Will notfalterjust becausea callby a handfulof people.

One evidence of thestrength of Indonesian Muslimnationalismis a ceremonyphoto in commemoration ofIndonesianindependence dayon 17August.This photo was takenatthe boarding schoolAl-fithrah,kedinding, Surabaya.

The Basis of Islamic Education

Islam is not only faith in a single God: it goes beyond what is essence defined by word "religion". A set of practices, behavior, and observances concerning the social arena and defines a lifestyle whose objective is to perpetuate and protect the faith. Practicing Islam is not confined to the private domain: it includes a community domain with a strong identity. This all encompassing characteristic of Islam is in particular when the religion is being passed on to children. According to a famous hadits by Bukhari and Muslim, "All newborn babies are born according to the fitra; it is their parents who make them a Jew, a Christian or a Zoroastrian." Sayyed Nasr (1975) believes that fitra means "the primordial nature (of man), the nature he bears deep within his soul".

Thus, there is a natural aspiration towards God in the conscience and heart of every person (Nasr, 1975).

Islam teaches that the revelation by the Prophet "goes back to the sources of the …

Islam and Science

The contribution of Muslims to science and their achievement mentionet in this article are meant only to serve as examples and sould be understood as merely representative of the glorius services given by Muslim scientists to the overall development of science.

Before Islam, the Arabs had a rudimentary  knowledge of history and geography. Their history was limited to the records of the local tribes and territories. Islam motivates individuals to think and acquire education.

Muslims are ordered to interact with others to carry the Message of Islam to them. In order tho achieve this, the Muslims are ordered to build material capability. The Khalif is responsible to utilize any means to take care of the affairs of the people. Therefore, all of these help to initiate the tecnological achievement among the Muslims.

From the early days of Islam, the Muslims of all region in general, and those of Arabia in particular, traveled extensively through the plains, hils, rivers, oceans, forests, an…

What is Islam?

The word ‘Islam’, in Arabic, means submission and peace. As a term, ‘Islam’ refers to the message that was revealed to Muhammad (peace be upon him) by Allah, the One Creator. A ’Muslim’ is the one who believes in Allah as the only God and Muhhammad (peace be upon him/pbuh) as the last and final Prophet and Messenger of Allah. Consequently, a Muslim believes in Islam its entirely.
The Islamic idea itself is compossed of two essential component: the creed or doctrine (aqeedah), and system of rules and regulations founded on this creed (shari’a). The creed of Islam provides comprehensive answer to the fundamental questions regarding humanity’s existence and that of the universe. It addresses the issue of human being’s purpose in life, and links it with what precedes life and what comes after it, thereby adressing the humanity’s core problems and providing the basis for systems and rules to properly organize human affairs.
The Islamic system provides a comprehensive law governing the affair…