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Recipe of KLEPON | Traditional Java’s food

Sugeng Siang, Lur.Yep, Good Afternoon, My Bro-Sist—well, in Midle Java, i call my fams as Lur. JThis is my first post about traditional Java Recipes. I’ll tell to all of you about a simple recipe that be my family’s favourite foods—so do i (of course). We call this as klepon, we usually enjoy it with hot tea in the morning or when evening will comes.Ingredient:a.250 gr of sticky or glutinous rice powderb.50 gr of pulverize ricec.100 gr of pulverized Java Sugard.Scraped young coconute.1 stablespoon of saltf.1 teaspoon of sugarg.250 ml of warm waterh.1 molasse of green dyeDirection:a.Mix well sticky powder, pulverized rice, pulverized java sugar, and green dye with warm water.b.Take a tablespoon of dough, put dawn into your palm of hand and flat that dough.c.Pour a pinch of pulverized java sugar and cover until the dough is organized as orb.d.Pour into boiling water.e.Repeat step a-d until the dough used up.f.Steam scraped young coconut, salt and sugar, put dawn into a mould.g.Take when…