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Islamic education in Indonesia

Indonesia is a countrythat isoccupiedby the majority ofthe Islamiccommunity. Thereare many differencesin terms ofeconomic, ethnic, cultural, political, andideological. However, the Indonesian people stilllive in harmonywithinan inch of landto enjoyIndonesiawithoutmutualseizeother people's property.

Indonesia is aparadisefieldstoenjoyeverygift ofgodandbe grateful. Althoughmanyignorant handsofits owncitizensor foreignerswho try totakeadvantageas much as possiblewithout regard tothe condition ofothers.Indonesia remainsa beautifulandfullydeservesto be thankful for.

The beauty ofthe natural feel ofIndonesiacan not be separatedfromthe support ofeducation-education in theIslamicboarding schoolthatis largely managedby the organizationNahdlotulUlama(NU). Boarding schoolthat embraces theideology ofAhlu SunnaWaljamaah(Aswaja) Thenumbering in the hundredsof thousandsscatteredthroughout the countryof Indonesia.

Langitanboarding schoollocatedin the districtof Tuban-subdistrictWidangisone of the …